Linways’ Onscreen Evaluation System is an online exam evaluation software. Using digital evaluation processes, this digital evaluation system makes the entire answer sheet checking and result publication process much simpler.

Reducing logistical activities such as photocopying and transport between students and schools. Furthermore, it allows educators to publish results quickly while maintaining the quality of evaluations.


An onscreen evaluation system is a digital solution designed to expedite and streamline the answer sheet checking and moderation process, from handling to checking and moderation. By eliminating manual processes like printing, storing, transporting or transporting answer sheets physically from their source locations it helps expedite exam results as quickly as possible while also giving examiners access to evaluate answer scripts from any device, at their own pace at any given moment in time.

Examiners can log into this software and view a list of answer scripts assigned to them, with their status (pending evaluation count and completed evaluation count) clearly displayed for easy tracking of work completed thus far. This feature provides colleges and universities who need results quickly an invaluable asset.

Outside convenience, onscreen evaluation systems help relieve exam and moderator stress during exam season. Furthermore, using them saves both time and money since scanned answer sheets can be processed more quickly than manually evaluated sheets. Plus, onscreen evaluation systems provide added safety by encrypting documents before sending them off to data centres where they’re safely stored until retrieval time.

Assembling exams using an onscreen evaluation system will also enhance their overall quality. This software offers more precise and consistent evaluation than manual marking. Furthermore, you can use it to spot common errors like typos or illegible handwriting; furthermore you could even create a rubric to standardize scoring of exams.

Some individuals may still be reluctant to adopt digital evaluation systems, but it’s essential that people remember it is just as secure a method than manually grading answers. Indeed, it may even be more secure as there’s no risk of losing documents or having them stolen; also most modern evaluation systems are encrypted and can be backed up should anything happen that disrupts evaluation processes.

Mindlogicx IntelliEXAMS provides an ideal digital assessment solution, ideal for simplifying answer sheet checking and moderation processes during theory examinations at colleges or universities.

No Bias

Traditional evaluation of paper-based answer scripts involves considerable effort and time from teachers or examiners who must inspect each question individually before assigning marks for it. Not only is this tedious work time-consuming, but there is a higher risk of bias or mistakes occurring during this process.

Additionally, paper-based answer scripts carry an increased risk of being misplaced during transportation and distribution processes, leading to delays in results turnaround time, higher costs and possible human mistakes.

Digital or onscreen evaluation is a straightforward way to increase examination efficiency. This new method replaces traditional marking and evaluation with an electronic platform enabling examiners to evaluate scanned answers from any computer or mobile device, providing increased accuracy, reduced costs, and better quality control than traditional marking.

On-screen evaluation is also more reliable than its paper-based equivalent, delivering accurate and consistent results over time. Furthermore, its automated process guarantees equal treatment of candidates during assessment – something particularly beneficial when conducting large exams with multiple participants.

Examiners and moderators find on-screen evaluation convenient as it enables them to access the software system at any location, which will scan answer sheets into its secure database before providing access for verification and evaluation without traveling back to their office. This saves both time and money.

Digital evaluation systems provide more transparency than the traditional method of marking. Software programs allow an examiner to review each answer prior to marking it and confirm there are no mistakes on their mark-sheet, as well as make any necessary amendments as needed.

Examiners and moderators find it easier to track each candidate’s progress with this onscreen evaluation system, while alerting examiners when one fails to submit his/her answer sheets for evaluation.

Tight Quality Control

Assessing an individual’s responses in an assessment or exam requires an examiner who is capable of reading those answers accurately and grading them accurately – this takes considerable work when conducted manually; traditional evaluation methods often take months, with delays often due to logistical activities being required of them; digital evaluation systems make these processes automated and simplified, improving results overall and increasing quality.

Digital Evaluation Systems provide examiners with a platform to easily and clearly evaluate pen and paper answer scripts using their computer screens. Images of answer sheets uploaded onto a server make accessing them from anywhere easy as there is no geographical restriction. Likewise, software makes evaluation easier since its clear what is being evaluated.

Furthermore, this software features an internal messaging system to facilitate collaboration and coordination amongst evaluators. All scanned/digitized answer scripts are stored securely within data centres that are monitored to prevent tampering or misuse, with additional evaluators added as needed during peak periods. Ultimately, this scalable system ensures all stakeholders benefit from it.

This system also ensures that all evaluators evaluate a similar set of scripts, helping reduce bias and enhance overall evaluation quality. Evaluators receive “seed” scripts which have already been evaluated so they know what signs to watch out for when reviewing others’ answers; this helps prevent error or fraud during evaluation processes.

IntelliEXAMS onscreen marking solution is an innovative digital evaluation system that assists education institutes in rapidly and accurately evaluating students’ answer sheets quickly and in an accurate way, thus expediting results publication faster while building trust between exam boards and students, ultimately creating a win-win situation for both parties involved. Furthermore, IntelliEXAMS helps reduce costs and resources used by exam boards while guaranteeing greater accuracy and transparency throughout this process.


Under e-learning’s surge, onscreen evaluation systems have become a standard part of higher education. These systems offer exam takers instant results without hassles; plus their technology-backed security features help prevent any cheating or fraudulence from taking place.

Online assessment platforms use several safeguards to protect their users’ data. They use advanced encryption and two-step verification processes, as well as password and pin code options, so only authorized individuals have access to it. Some platforms even enable you to select specific passwords or pin codes for your accounts if desired. Furthermore, these platforms make it simple for examiners to review scanned copies of answer sheets from anywhere, saving both time and money with travel expenses being eliminated altogether.

Traditional evaluation processes involve numerous logistical activities that must take place when handling physical answer sheets and conducting evaluation. Transporting and distributing these scripts may prove risky due to potential risk of loss in transit or evaluation; furthermore, manual delivery could result in them being altered during this process without sufficient checks and balances being put in place.

Onscreen evaluation systems make the entire examination answer sheet checking, moderation, and result processing process of theory exams conducted at universities or institutes much simpler and faster. You can now share your results quickly and accurately with companies or higher education institutes within no time at all!

An onscreen evaluation system is an indispensable resource that benefits educational institutes, higher education institutions, and students alike. It simplifies exam administration by eliminating human errors and fraudulence while streamlining exam lifecycle management – as well as increasing quality tests while increasing student engagement!

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