Did you find out a hole in your old jacket?

And that one was your favorite?

So don’t be sad and stay chill, because now you can not only repair it but also enhance its look. Say hello to the “Patches”. And you know what’s more amazing? That you can also make custom ones according to your interest or personality.

But now you will surely be wondering if it will get heavy on your pocket. So believe us, it will not be because we are here with a perfect solution for you and your budget.

In this article, we will be going to talk about five tips that will help you to create a personalized patch at reasonable prices. So keep reading.

Express Your Unique Self: 5 Effective Tips For Crafting Custom Patches

Other than hiding the holes in your garment, you can use these patches for various purposes.

They are a great way to show your support for your favorite team or to promote your business. So no matter what your purpose is, custom patches can do their job rightly without crossing your budget. But for this objective, you have to follow a few effective tips that are mentioned below.

Design On Your Own

The first way to compose a budget-friendly emblem is to design it yourself.

Everyone is blessed with a creative mind; all you have to do is to explore it. Mostly, people don’t put effort and buy ready-made ones or pick a design from the internet and ask the manufacturer to compose it. As a result, it gets costly for them because the seller has to craft the artwork on their own.

Thus, if you want to save your money, then create your sketch by yourself. All it takes is your imaginative mind, computer, and software for designing. As a result, you can send that to the manufacturer and get a customized patch at a lower price.

Moreover, it is essential to think about which size of the patch will be suitable for you. If you want emblems for the back of your garment, then big ones are a great option. But if you want to decorate the collar of your shirt, then opt for smaller ones.

Simple Is Better

Do you ever think about how much material a detailed patch will consume?

A lot, right?

That’s why manufacturers ask for more money for complex designs. But you know what? It not only costs more, but it also loses its clarity because of the interlocking of several threads.

Due to this reason, it is always recommended to keep your design simple. Always use easy geometric shapes and patterns because they will leave more room for your text. Moreover, it is also suggested to use bold fonts in your design so it can be easily readable from a distance. The more simple you keep your artwork, the more it will look appealing to the eyes. And it will also stay under your budget.

Moreover, a simple design wouldn’t ask for over-layering. Therefore, it wouldn’t require more yarn. As a result, it will cost less.

Work With A Few Colors

Colors play a huge part in making the emblem stand out or ruin it.

Thus, it is essential to pick the right ones. Always go for bright and contrasting colors. As a result, it will make your artwork a little more prominent.

Other than that, it is vital to use a few dyes in your design because adding more pigments can create a mess sometimes. But that’s not it; when you include more shades, more yarn will be used to compose a custom embroidery patch. Thus, it will cost you more. Therefore, it is always recommended to incorporate only 2 or 3 colors in your art. Due to that, your text and customization will look crisp, clear, and attractive while being cost-efficient.

Order In Bulk

One of the effective tips for creating a cost-efficient patch is to order in bulk.

Oftentimes, manufacturers offer discounts when a customer buys a product in a large quantity. So if you are a person who is running a small business and wants to compose custom patches for promotional purposes, then this tip is for you. It will help you to get your personalized emblems at a low price.

Moreover, if you are not a business owner, then it is recommended to order more than ten badges. As a result, a manufacturer might lower your cost. Other than that, garments look cooler with more patches. Thus, don’t be afraid to overflow them for decoration.

Type Of Backing

Material plays a huge role in production when it comes to budget.

The price of backing varies with its quality. You can choose from iron-on, sew-on, plastic, hook, and loop, and there are many others too. But before selecting this component of a patch, make sure if its value is coming under your pocket or not.

Moreover, it is also essential to look for backing according to your feasibility. Not everyone knows how to stitch. Thus, they wouldn’t opt for sew-on patches. On the other hand, not everyone prefers hook and loop backings. Therefore other than budget, keep your needs in mind too.


So no matter whether your purpose is to use these emblems for promotion or just to uplift your outwear, these patches will do their job rightly.

Creating custom patches is not a complex task as it seems. And with our guide, you can do this process in a breeze. We have covered all the pointers that could reduce your cost of manufacturing and material. As a result, composing patches wouldn’t burden your pocket.

Additionally, one of the benefits of customizing your emblem is that you have total control over everything. You can include or reduce any element according to your specifications and wants. So whether you want a rebellious biker patch, a logo one for your business, or sparkly ones to add a little shine to your dress, custom embellishments are always there for you.

Moreover, you can also add borders if you want to. A merrowed one will help to give you an emerged look of your emblem. On the other hand, if you want a flat look of your embellishment, then you can go for a hot-cut border. But the purpose of both is to provide a clear and professional look. That’s not it; you can also play with beads, studs, or pearls if that’s your thing. But ensure that everything is coming under your budget and still fulfilling your preferences.

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