Famous Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada once said, “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick with the same menu.” Throughout his career, he inspired many with his diverse fashion sense and continued introducing new styles. Most fashion designers advise us to move forward with the time and try new ways to elevate our outfits and bring a sense of high fashion to them. Today, we are here to bring a solution for those fashion forward, trendsetter divas, or high maintenance men looking for ways to give their wardrobe a fresh look. The answer to your query is Patches also known as cloth badges, embroidery emblems, insignias, and motifs.

This one item can instantly help you elevate your old raggedy jeans or jackets without breaking the bank. Sounds like a great deal right? But there is another question that comes to mind when choosing a patch for your clothes. Where should you get it from? There are sellers online doing business of patches but only a handful are worthy of being given a chance. So we started our research for our readers like you who are in search of a beautiful and quality badge design these days. Our search was successful and we finally found an emerging name in Patch designing industry of Canada.

Let us introduce you to a brand that is not only providing several types and designs of cloth badges but is also successfully maintaining its quality.

Design Your Dream Patch With Canadapatches.ca

Canadapatches.ca is an exceptional website that has made designing custom embroidered badges a hassle-free experience. As the leading online custom patch store in Canada, this website offers a unique advantage that sets it apart from the rest.

Unlike other badge stores, Custom Patches Canada has no minimum order limitations, which means that you can design and order your favorite badge without any stress or pressure. This feature makes it easier for you to create your dream custom embroidered badge effortlessly.

With their platform, you can enjoy the convenience of designing and ordering your badges online, knowing that you won’t have to worry about minimum order limitations or any other restrictions. Their services include a variety of emblems and backing options such as PVC, Logo, Morale Patches, Name tags, Hats, Police, Sew On backings, Custom Stickers, Iron-On backings, Motorcycle badges, Embroidered, and Woven Labels.

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Top 4 Reasons To Consider Canada Patches.CA

Throughout the course of over ten years, this exceptional Canadian company has consistently remained at the forefront of the patch industry, demonstrating its unmatched expertise by creating a multitude of unique and impressive badges. Over time, their methods have been refined and perfected, with cutting-edge machinery and modern tools being incorporated to ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality.

Quick and Efficient:

Upon completion of the form, their experienced team will be in touch with you on time to address any questions or concerns you may have and to guide you through the order placement process. They understand that the process of designing and producing motifs can be time-consuming, but their streamlined production process guarantees that your order will be delivered to your doorstep within your desired timeframe, without any unnecessary delays. You can trust that they are dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience from start to finish.

Trained Artists and Staff:

Their platform takes pride in its team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about creating exceptional designs that capture your vision. Their team is composed of artistic designers who are adept at translating your ideas into striking designs, skilled digitizers who expertly convert your designs into embroidery or PVC, and experienced craftsmen who transform those designs into vibrant and trendy products.

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Their business understands that every insignia category has unique requirements, which is why they have specialists for each category to ensure that your crests are transformed into stunning thread masterpieces. The commitment of Canada Patches to superior craftsmanship is evident in every item they produce. They use cutting-edge technology and collaborate with expert artisans to create flawless batches of orders every day.

Their customers can expect unrivaled precision and perfection in all of their products, from intricate embroideries to complex PVC designs. They take great care in ensuring that every order meets high standards of quality, so you can be confident that your order will exceed your expectations. Their platform is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating badges that you will be proud to wear.

Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction:

The online platform of this esteemed company offers an easy-to-use interface for its customers to design and place orders. The website boasts a wide range of sizes, types, colors, and backing options that cater to the diverse preferences of its clientele. It’s noteworthy that the company has a minimum requirement of just 10 pieces, making it feasible for small-scale orders as well.

Quality is the cornerstone of this brand’s operations, and they leave no stone unturned to ensure customer satisfaction. The website proudly displays a multitude of glowing reviews from its happy clients, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products. The analytics show that their services have garnered a 100% satisfaction rate, clearly indicating the level of trust and loyalty they have earned from their customers. Their website safely secured 4.9 out of 5 TrustScore on the trust pilot while receiving 1200 reviews so far.

The company’s fast and efficient delivery mechanism is a result of its meticulous work ethic and management practices, reflected in the hassle-free experience that customers enjoy during the order placement and delivery process.

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Endless Options:

Whether you’re in search of high-quality embroidered or woven badges, you can count on them to meet your needs. This reputable company offers an extensive range of patches, including woven labels, PVC, motorcycle, logo, police, embroidered, and custom hat/cap badges.

Their inventory features a wide selection of trendy and exciting designs, but if you’re looking for something personalized, their team of experts is ready to custom-tailor your order to your exact specifications. From intricate designs to unique color combinations, no request is too difficult for them to replicate. You can trust them wholeheartedly to provide you with exceptional results that will exceed your expectations.


In conclusion, this company stands out as a reliable and trustworthy platform for all custom badge needs, providing an unparalleled service experience from start to finish. When it comes to integrating custom patches into your daily routine, there are seemingly endless options available to you. From creating collections of these patches to utilizing them for business promotion purposes, the possibilities are truly limitless. Furthermore, you can even have these patches personalized to raise awareness for a particular cause that you are passionate about.

Whether you enjoy adorning your jacket with these charming emblems or amassing a collection of them, you can now rest easy knowing that you have access to the best source for procurement. The company takes great pride in ensuring that its customers have an enjoyable experience when customizing their preferred badges. So, why not take the leap and start creating your unique collection today? We can assure you they won’t let you down.

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