Dash cams have enabled drivers to spot blind spots when parking. If you own a car and you drive it regularly you will know all about blind spots and how difficult it is to park your car in a congested parking lot. It is also possible that without a camera that will show what lies behind your wheels you could damage a vehicle or bump in to the front facade of a car. Well داش كام (dash cams) have solved the problem because it allows seeing 360 degree while you are at the steering wheel. Dash cams can provide evidence of what happened during an auto collision as it records everything that has happened and you can use the evidence to swing the case in favour you.

Cameras are needed everywhere because accidents, thefts, snatching, stabbing, eve teasing and other mischief take place regularly. These are concrete evidence when they record the events and playback the same in the court. They are great Commercial building solutions as CCTV cameras mounted at strategic points can provide you with evidence of mischief. It also allows you to monitor possible thefts or shop lifting by customers. Super markets, malls, food courts and other such places allow customers to freely move around in their establishments and the CCTV cameras record every move of the shopper or customer within its periphery of coverage. Simple appearance of the CCTV camera is sufficient enough to discourage shop lifters or shop lifters hence it is advised that you find a CCTV solution for your building and save possible thefts.

كاميرات المراقبة (surveillance cameras) are needed in homes because burglary can happen, boundary breach can happen and  anti-social elements may creep in while you are sleeping. It also allows parents to keep an eye on their children, pet and their elders. These are invaluable monitoring solutions that keep your home burglar free and also give vital evidence to solve crimes. You can install need specified surveillance systems for your home, shop or office to avoid losses or save lives by calling Alma Security on phone numbers or by sending mail to.

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