Do you think that the PTE speaking format is similar to IELTS speaking? Well, this is not true. The structure of PTE speaking is entirely different from IELTS speaking. So, if you are planning to take the PTE exam after getting fed up with the IELTS exam, you need to know the format of the exam to avoid any misunderstanding. 

In this article, we have mentioned every part of the PTE speaking section. We hope this article will help you get an idea of this section clearly and you will be able to prepare this section easily. Moreover, you can also join PTE online coaching classes for better understanding and preparation for the PTE exam. 

A complete guide to PTE speaking section

Here are some crucial things you need to know about the PTE speaking section: 

Personal Introduction 

This section doesn’t have any scores as it is just to let the institution know about you. Although this section won’t help you get scores, you still need to introduce yourself perfectly. Note that, a countdown will start until your microphone starts recording. Avoid speaking before the countdown ends because your voice will not be recorded. To give a perfect interview, make sure to speak clearly, calmly, fluently, and with the correct pronunciation. Don’t hurry while pronouncing words as it can result in fumbling and unclarity. When the ‘Recording’ button turns into ‘Completed’, stop speaking. 

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Read Aloud 

In this part, you need to read the text aloud that will be displayed on the screen. A countdown of 30-40 seconds will start and you can prepare the content in this time period. After the countdown ends and the beep starts, you need to speak aloud and make sure to pronounce every word clearly because your scores will get deducted for incorrect pronunciation. This part will check your skills including reading, speaking, fluency, pronunciation, and content. Avoid speaking in a fake accent to maintain your fluency while speaking. Moreover, don’t stop even if you commit a mistake while speaking. Continue speaking until the part finishes. To improve your fluency and speed at speaking, you can practice different tongue twisters every day as it will help you a lot. 

Repeat Sentence

In this part of the PTE speaking, you will hear audio and you need to repeat the sentence the same as what you heard. Note that you will not hear a beep in this part, so make sure to speak immediately once the audio stops. You need to have good memorization power to remember what you have heard. It is better to stay focused while listening to the audio and even better to listen with your eyes closed. In case you fail to remember the complete sentence, just focus on the keywords and speak them to get some scores. This part will also check your listening abilities apart from speaking skills, fluency, and pronunciation. 

Describe Image

As clear from the heading, you will get an image on the screen and you need to explain it perfectly in English. To describe an image, you surely need content. You will be given 25 seconds in which you can look at the image, understand it and make content accordingly. After the countdown finishes and the beep starts, your microphone will start recording. So, start describing the image until the ‘Recording’ button turns to ‘Completed’. Note that the time to speak is short, so if the image has a lot of data to cover, just speak about the important points and neglect the unnecessary data. 

Re-tell the Lecture 

In this part, you will hear an academic lecture that you need to repeat in your own words. When the lecture starts, you need to listen to it carefully. You will also get images on the screen related to the lecture which will help you know what the whole lecture is all about. Upon completion of the lecture, you will hear a beep after 10 seconds which indicates that you need to speak now. If you speak 4-5 sentences from the lecture, that will be enough to score well in this part. 

Answer Short Question 

This is the last part of PTE speaking in which you need to answer some general questions in a few words. So, it is better to speak fluently and show your vocabulary to score well in this section. You can join the English Speaking Course in Patiala to improve your fluency and vocabulary. 

Wrapping Up: 

To wrap up, this is the whole information about the PTE speaking section. So, prepare well because you can easily score 80 or 90 in this section which will improve your overall PTE scores. 

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